"A sweet Purim gift , this Yiddish tale" From:Haaretz International edition, February 23 2007-by CarolCook

"There is comedy, drama, a wise rabbi, a happy ending and beautiful illustrations in muted colors that are reminiscent of life in the Pale. Although it is a Purim story, the book can be read throughout the year because it illustrates important lesson about helping the poor and valuing friendship. It is highly recommended for readers aged 5-9" From:American Jewish Library Newsletter May/June 2007 issue- by Kate Pinchuck

" Amalia Hoffman's dreamlike illustrations bring to life her story of Kleineh Adella and Groyseh Adella, two troublemaking young maids who can't resist the aromas of freshly baked Purim pastries" From: The Jewish Forward, March 2 2007- by Sarah Kricheff

"Here is a Purim goody with a new tack-holiday unfettered by bible story-and with legs...Author/illustrator Amalia Hoffman focuses on the tradition of shalach manes through a delightful Yiddish tale, humorous characters and delicious Purim treats. The moral, delivered by the rabbi is as digestible as the entire picture book."

From Jewish Book World, Fall 2007 issue by Erin Cantor


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