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What's the best way for traveling musicians to schlep their instruments to a wedding in a faraway village? Why, in an old baby carriage, of course! But when the mischievous carriage takes off by itself and rolls from village to village, oy vey, oy vey, only a sweet klezmer song can save the day.

Join the Klezmer Bunch on a bumpy journey all the way to the wedding ceremony and sing along with the happy bride and groom. A wedding like this has never been seen. A yidl mit fiddle and violin. The relatives drank vodka Till their beards dropped. And the in-laws gobbled goose and pastrami Till their bellies popped.

Amalia Hoffman captures the spirit and soul of klezmer with charming and whimsical illustrations where the music is playfully intertwined with every detail of village life.


Seasoned with humor, sprinkled with Yiddish words, sweetened with luscious illustrations and delicious hamantaschen recipe, this story is based on a Sholom Aleichem tale about two servant girls who nibble on the Purim goodies that they were to deliver.


A true story of the author's encounter with the late Pope John Paul II when he visited with him at the Vatican residence in 2003. The story is told through the eyes of a young boy who shares Friday night Shabbat dinner with the Pope.

The Klezmer Bunch was selected by the talented director, composer and writer, Elizabeth Swados to be part of her children's production,
Jewish Books Cooking.

Ms.Swados is best known for her Broadway smash hit, Runaways. Her innovative creations thrilled audiences for over thirty years. She won three Obie awards and five Tony nominations.


Rose bud is a large size book created as a prop for an Israeli theatrical production of a unique adaptation of The Sleeping Beauty fairy tale.

In designing the book, Amalia worked closely with award winning actress, Naomi Yoeli who narrates the story as she opens secret chambers, pulls out paper cut figures and charms children and adults with pop up elements.

Visit the Train Theater The show received rave reviews by Israel's major newspapers such as Haaretz and Maariv. Read Review in English

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